Saturday, April 25, 2009

Getting Back In Touch With My Inner-Cheerleader

Last night was #1 and #2's cheerleading banquet to celebrate the end of their competition season. I somehow ended up being the "coordinator" for it, so I ran around most of the last 24 hours picking up and preparing food for 17 girls and 3 coaches. We had it at Paramount Sports Complex and it was an overnight starting at 9pm last night. We had so much fun as we danced and we tumbled and I forgot for a few hours that I was a 39-year old (and, this morning my sore muscles are paying that price)! I stayed until about 12:40 am this morning then left to go back at 6:30 am to get them up, feed them breakfast and get them out the door by 8 am this morning. I had to listen to #3 cry the entire ride home because we were not sleeping over....I knew I needed to get SOME sleep and 5 hours was better than the hour that most of the girls and coaches got! Yes, they went to bed around 5:30-6 am and I got there at 7 am to wake them!

My house is quiet now as all three of mine have "gone to bed"...hopefully, for a good chunk of the day or they will be crank monsters!

Here are the highlights...look, I'm flipping:

Help! My socks are getting sucked off!:

#2 is flipping off the beam:


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Iam4Jesus said...

Oh, look...they fell asleep./ :)

Paramount is such a cool place....