Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Progress Report

I forgot that #2 had a rug on her floor...we haven't seen it much since we moved in! It's usually covered in an assortment of clothes and hair products. She actually re-arranged her room all by herself, although, we are having a bit of a disagreement about the lamp cord that is stretched right where her desk chair is!

The "junk drawer" before

The "junk drawer" after (thanks, #1)

It was a productive day. I know I had heaped a lot of expectations on our spring cleaning day and, of course, I did not finish everything I intended to do.

But, we did throw in a trip for new shoes, socks and a cute new purse for me since the one I have now is ridiculously normal sized and I need industrial size. Oh, and the new Hannah Montana movie soundtrack was in our cart, too. As promised!

Then, things went terribly wrong and #3 threw up outside next to our front door. That left me with the dilemma of getting #1 to church for drama and #2 (and what to do with #3??) to softball practice....all at the same time....while The Husband was working....and every person I could think of to carpool with did not answer their phones (I'm going to block my number next time!).

Does Calgon still take us away???

#3 lasted for 15 minutes at softball and then I left her with GAS while I ran #1 to church for drama. Then, after picking up #2 and a friend from softball they came back and jumped on the trampoline while #3 spewed out of both ends in the bathroom.

Sweet nibblets.

SO, you can imagine I'm not really up for finishing the playroom "spring cleaning" right now. I'm afraid to be more than 3 steps away from #3 at any given time. And, I'm just not going to think about the changing of the seasonal clothes. I'm ready to go back to the "just buy everything new" theory I entertained in my last post.

I do have one really clean bathroom floor, toilet and rugs that I didn't plan to work on today. I'm praying my sweet girl is healed from this awful stomach thing and that no one else gets it! Spring Cleaning - Phase 2 will just have to wait!

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