Monday, April 13, 2009


We were out of town on Easter weekend and had a wonderful, refreshing time together as a family. We decided to sort of do our own thing for "church" on Sunday since we were away.

We read the story of Jesus and the cross and talked about "sacrifice". Earlier that morning at the bed and breakfast we were staying in, #1 had wanted more strawberries so I cut my last one in half and gave it to her. I explained to the girls that even though it was a small gesture, that was a sacrifice. I told them it makes me feel good to do things like that for them because it shows my love, sort of like when Jesus endured the cross for "the joy set before Him...." The Husband and I challenged the girls to offer up sacrifices to others, not because Jesus expects us to do it, but because of the love He put in us should flow out of us.

Well, 24 hours later Jesus decided to test me in this object lesson. And, it had nothing to do with strawberries.

We arrived home late last night to GAS being very ill with a stomach virus. Out of respect for her I'll spare all the gory details. I felt so bad for her and then so bad for me because I had to clean it all up! Armed with paper towels and bathroom cleaner, down on my hands and knees for the third time today, almost weeping out of frustration, I felt like the Lord said "I have given you the grace for's like the sacrifice you described yesterday. I see what you are doing and I am going to give you the joy to endure it". And, He did exactly that.

I ended up calling an ambulance to come and get GAS because I needed to take her to the emergency room and was unable to even get her down the hallway, much less out to the car. She is back home now, hydrated with fluids and sleeping in a bed with clean sheets and blankets. And, it was a joy to do it for her. Thank you, Lord!

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Anonymous said...

Object lessons...I thank the Lord for them, because without them - I wouldn't be able to understand...

We had similar experiences here at our home all last night....