Monday, April 20, 2009

Bounce Cards, Boom Mics and Bucket Trucks....Oh My!

It's a wrap. Or, is it rap?

The Husband and I filmed a "romantic comedy" this weekend with one of the most creative, passionate, kind-hearted college students ever! He wrote the script and has been thinking about it for a year. One day he spoke at our church and had a word of knowledge about God really working on marriages and drawing couples closer together. He pointed right to where we were sitting in the church. We chuckled and wondered who in our section he was referring to, because our marriage was pretty great. And, then the storm came and we hit a rough spot. Dealing with issues and realizing that we had fallen into a "slump". Life was busy and we were getting along fine, but there were some hurts that needed to be healed and we needed to be more than each other's roommates. We worked through a lot in that time and since then have never felt closer.

Several weeks later, this bright, creative college student says he has been thinking about us and he wants us to be in this movie he wrote. And, we shared with him how the Lord had been working in our marriage and that his word of knowledge had been right on for us. That really encouraged him and confirmed that we were the couple he wanted to film. So, we prayed, talked to the girls about it and I tried to lose some weight since the camera was probably going to add 10 pounds to the 30 I already wanted to lose! I didn't lose a pound, by the way. Oh well.

We shot the footage this past weekend in a lovely town about an hour away. We were all over the place...the post office, people's houses, the streets....I thought I would feel either very cool and oooh "movie star" or I'd be freaking out from nervousness. I didn't feel either way. It was more like a play date! We worked our butts off, but we had fun. And, I enjoyed gazing into my beloved's eyes all day. We filmed about 12 hours on Saturday and 7 more on Sunday. It will then be edited into a 10-minutes movie that will be turned in as a college film project and perhaps later on, entered into film festivals. I can't wait to see it after editing when there is music! Here are some photos from the day......

This shoot fell somewhere between no-budget and low-budget! Hence, the wagon.

This was in the post office where we were informed by all the postal workers that if The Husband were a real mailman he would have been either fired or arrested for some of the things he does in this film. Who knew??

This is Micah, who played my dog, Rusty. Such a cutie. And, our amazing director also has an amazing family who fed us home-cooked food all weekend and even took our kids for walks and ice cream the final afternoon as we were trying to finish the shoot.

This was the bucket truck that hoisted our director about 30-40 feet in the air to get an amazing shot. I cannot wait to see this part on the film! I really appreciate watching movies now and seeing the different viewpoints. Of course, their equipment is so much more high tech, but I was pretty impressed with this!

I had to clean in this scene which was probably my best performance of the entire film since I do this all. the. time. at. home. Lots of practice.

This beautiful woman did my make-up and was quite simply amazing. I'm not really eating the make up sponge, I'm just surprised that someone is taking my picture. If I could afford it, I would buy every bit of make-up she put on me.

This was our favorite shot of the entire weekend. It was complicated and obviously we had to get it right on one take. We nailed it and when the director yelled, "Cut!" we all jumped up and down screaming and laughing because it was just so amazing. We did end up doing it a total of 3 times from different angles, and each time was so fun! The Husband was a good sport about it and we used warm water!

All in all I learned so much about film versus stage acting and I got to hang out with some very talented people. I really enjoy acting (although, I still think I like directing just a tad better) and it felt good to do this. And, my co-star was such a hottie!!


Herbivore Amour said...

was a pleasure! Maybe we'll work together again soon! I enjoyed your energy and commitment so much! Oh woooooooow.

The Gang's Momma said...

It all looks like so much fun.

And can I just say, that dog looks part walrus, with that blond streak down the front. I don't know why, I just think he does.


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