Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Tackle It Top 5

It is spring cleaning time, people! I plan to enlist the help of my children this year since I have buttered them all up with just having a sleep over. In the event that isn't enough, I will dangle the new Hannah Montana movie soundtrack like a carrot in front of a stubborn donkey.

All I know, is that it's gonna happen. One way or another. It can be pleasant or painful, but it's gonna happen.

Here is my TOP Five I want to have accomplished when my head hits the pillow tonight:

1. The kid's rooms. Their idea of cleaning is throwing things in drawers, closets, corners of rooms, behind beds and doors, in their sister's rooms, or in plastic bags. Their scam is about to be exposed today. I will only be offering direction; however, they will be doing all the work. The playroom is also considered theirs and it is the place I go that the kids can always count on getting a lecture afterwards. I have a love/hate relationship with the playroom. I love it right after I clean and re-organize it and then 24 hours later when the kids and their friends trash it I hate it and decide I will remove everything but the couch, the cat and the TV and sell it all at a yard sale. I will then take the yard sale money and go to the spa. That sounds fair, doesn't it? Sadly, the kids will need my help today with this room.

2. My "junk" drawer. I open it and it makes me want to run screaming from the house.

3. My 3 desks. Yes, three. I have not put anything into our filing cabinet since we moved in July 2007. Stacks are rubber banded together and oozing. Everyone sing with me....burn, Baby, burn....disco inferno......these will all make lovely additions to our fire pit.

4. School drawer. The only part of my home life that stays organized, but we need to do a little file transferring since the drawer barely shuts. By far, the easiest task of the day, but just as necessary as the others. I start to go wayyyy downhill once May strikes and I just want school to be over more than the kids do. Some papers may make it in the folders and many probably won't.

5. I saved the worst for last. The task that I dread 2 times every year. The changing of the seasonal clothes. When the kids were younger and I stayed home each bin would be neatly labeled and folded. Now, I have to pull the cat off the opened bins of mixed size clothes that I shoved in there when I was stressed out the season before. It's like a treasure hunt, because usually a library book or a Hershey kiss is mixed in there, too. I'm just not sure I have it in me to do this today....I may have to save it for Monday. This is when I wish I could just donate everything at the end of each season and go buy all new things. Now, wouldn't that be nice?

Well, it is time to focus. I may post "before" and "after" junk drawer pictures just for fun. Anyone else out there spring cleaning?


jenna said...

Nicole offered to do her seasonal clothing switch over for $5. At first I said no, offended by having to pay my child to do work, but now I am rethinking it. Maybe I can get her down to $3.

Melissa said...

Well worth the $5, but if you can get her down to $3 that's even better!! Then, tell her I'll pay her $10 to come over here and do it! :)