Monday, January 4, 2010

I Think Next Year I'll Just Copy and Paste....

Hey guess what!

I'm being healthy! I'm trying to lose weight. Why? Because it is January! And, you could probably go back into my archives and read basically the same post every January since I've been blogging (only I was much more serious about it in previous years).

So, I drank more water today than I probably have drank cumulatively since Christmas. I'll bore you with all the details so you can laugh sympathetically and no longer wonder "is Melissa getting fat or is she pregnant?"

No, my friends. I'm not pregnant.

So, my morning started out with a large, cold glass of ice water BEFORE the coffee. I gulped it down only because I could not stay awake a moment longer without coffee. Then, I only drank two cups of java this morning and continued to drink more water. By the way, I used to like water before today. You know, before I drank the equivalent to one of the Great Lakes.

My breakfast consisted of 2 eggs whites...yum. No, really. I like egg whites. I ate egg whites before it was cool to eat egg whites...a little habit I picked up while working in the Bahamas, which was several light years ago. Then, I had an orange and some grapes for a snack. By 11am I texted The Husband that I was hungry enough to eat a zebra. By 11:50am I was watching my Lean Cuisine pizza spin round and round in the microwave determined to wait until it was cooked all the way through before I devoured it in 3 bites.

An hour later, I texted The Husband that I was now craving a chocolate covered zebra and then the rest is a blur. Because I had to stop at Costco. Oh Costco. You with your delicious little samples just taunting me. I had a Jamaican beef patty sample, then some kind of low-fat veggie sausage flavored patty that I would have gagged and spit out last week (when I was eating large quantities of normal food). It was delicious today. I licked the toothpick when I was done....but, anyhoo.....

I managed to make it out the door before I ate a mini quiche sample, but I did get a Diet Coke before I left since I am human and all. The major victory was not purchasing the churro from the snack bar whose picture made my mouth water while in the the checkout line with my broccoli and lettuce. More proof that God is real or I would've left there with a churro in my mouth and one or two in my purse for later.

I figured since I fell off the wagon at Costco some nice salmon for dinner would be a good idea. except that my family for the most part hates fish. So being the hypocrite that I am (don't judge me) I made them all chicken patties with french fries and I ate the salmon. With broccoli. Oh yeah, and some French onion soup. I was rewarded for my semi-healthy behavior by both #1 and The Husband kissing me good night and telling me my hair smelled like fish. So, I finished the rest of the rice pudding I made for new year's eve with a cup of coffee. But, at least I didn't put whipped cream on it, okay??

Needless to say, I won't be weighing myself on my Wii Fit anytime soon. Or, writing any weight loss books. I just can't wait to do it all again tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Have I told you lately that I love your wicked sense of humor?!? This really made me laugh out loud... Thanks! Keep up the good fight... your health is important my friend!! Love ya! Heidi