Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting the Hang of It With Our Party of Five

Now, don't get me has been a balancing act having five kids!  Having two extra teenagers to drive around and care for is no simple task, especially when they must be driven through nearly three different counties every weekday at rush hour.  In the snow.  Uphill both ways.  Just kidding about the snow. However, I am blessed beyond words at how our week has been going!  There is a peace in times like this of knowing we are walking in God's perfect will.  He will provide all that we need and the wonderful thing is that He gives us joy in the process (it's like the cherry on top). 

Last night, we took everyone to get some Chinese take-out, which we ate on the deck by the pool (it was a beautiful evening).  The girls got to speak in their native language to the owner of the Chinese restaurant and then we all used chop sticks (some of us better then others!). Our exchange students are starting to feel more comfortable talking and playing with us.  We discovered that in China, this group of students doesn't go home during the week, they stay at school and go home only on weekends.  No wonder it was taking them some time to adjust to our crazy family life!  They spend most of their time with their peers and doing homework when they are not in class. Our kids had a hard time imagining that (however, now I can threaten them with that prospect on the days they make me feel like ripping out my hair!).

This weekend is already filled with plans for tie-dying, fireworks, a picnic and Hersheypark!  This is turning out to be a memorable summer!

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