Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Celebrating #1's Birthday with 33 of Her Closest Friends

First, we played a little dodge ball and Duck, Duck, Goose (per their request):

Then they swam for an hour:

Then we had a chocolate extravaganza, complete with chocolate fountain (that didn't want to work) that the kids adored:

Then, I took leave of my senses and let them design a person from each of their groups with peanut butter and goldfish crackers:

All went well until the rowdy group of boys started putting peanut butter in each other's hair and throwing goldfish crackers around the room. One mom came to take her son out after the party and had to wash his hair in the bathroom sink. I apologized no less than 2,302 times.

When everything was over it looked like there had been a food fight in the room we were in. The Husband solemnly swept up a 6 pound pile of debris, but the kids had a blast! #1 said everyone was talking about how much fun they had the next day at school. And, the few moms I talked to said the peanut butter was the highlight of the party.

Note to self: NEVER use peanut butter as a facial decoration again!


@pryl G said...

You are the COOLEST mom EVER!!!

Thrills said...

My kids have peanut butter on their faces and hair almost daily.

Livin' Life said...

That sounds like a blast. We are holding off until the boys 12th birthday to do something big for the coming of age thing. You are great!!

BTW where did you host it at a WMCA some where?