Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wow! I Think I Could Sleep for 14 Hours!

I crashed today. I needed to just lay down in my bed this afternoon and just listen to the rain as I dozed. This weekend kicked off with a Couples Dinner at church that I helped with (you can see some pictures in the previous post). Most of Saturday was taken up by a surprise bridal shower for Susan that I and two other bridesmaids planned and successfully executed with help from Susan's family.

It was fun, but I was pretty exhausted and still had to go home and throw some food together for a youth staff potluck at church today. What I also didn't expect today was for God to get ahold of my heart and release me from the anxiety attacks I seem to struggle against every few days. I can't say that I've spent all day free from the thoughts bombarding me, but I can say that when the thoughts hit I gave them over to Jesus and rested in His perfect peace. Part of this was a revelation that there are just some people in life who are not going to like me. no. matter. what. And, the other part of it was not fretting and trying to constantly figure out our finances (and lack there of) and all the other things I try to take control of. These issues have left me irritable and discouraged and I really felt better after being prayed over. In fact, some prophetic words that I'd never heard before were spoken over me and I need to marinate in them a little longer. Something having to do with the balm of Gilead?? I think??? See...I need to study that one!

We rounded out the end of our weekend by having some girls from #1's science class come over and finish their water shed project that is due tomorrow. I fed them all dinner and ice cream (thank you, Lord, for the leftover lasagna from the Couple's Dinner!). Here they are with their finished project...they worked on it all by themselves (except for cutting the chicken wire...that was a little too dangerous for them):

They had fun and I, of course, really enjoyed having young people over at our house. I figure that #1 is going to grow up with these girls and I want our house to be a safe place for them to come and hang out.

Now, it is time to get on the ball and plan another shower (this time for a beautiful mommy expecting Baby #5) and apply for a grant to do a summer enrichment program at our elementary school. And, PTO elections are this week....will I be next year's president? That's still a scary thought!

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