Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Growing Up is Hard to Do

Well, I knew the day would come when our young adult friends would begin to move on with their lives that would take all of us in opposite directions. I posted here about them many months ago and they are all near and dear to our hearts.

Susan (otherwise known as Speaking Freely, I named her Susan first so that is how I will refer to her!) is moving two hours away to be closer to the man in her life. She is living rent free in exchange for babysitting 2 elementary aged girls after school. I think my girls are already feeling slightly threatened by that, as if Susan will like the new girls better than she likes them! She has been like a big sister to my girls and #1 in particular, is struggling with her move. I've tried to prepare them for this stage in our relationship. Susan will one day (probably soon) get married and start her own family, Peter is studying in England next year and even Edmund is so busy with school and activities we hardly get to see him. But, it is okay! I want my girls to grasp that we had a season together that was very special and we'll always have a bond. And, we'll still get to see each other, just not as frequently, which will make it even more of a treasure to spend time together.
I just know that no matter what there are some traditions we have that we will still get together fact, applesauce-making-day is right around the corner! :-)

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speakingfreely said...

aw, friend, you blogged about my move! i haven't had time to yet, so maybe i'll just point others to your blog about me.
Love you,