Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Penn State is Not the Only Happy Valley

Every where you go, people are smiling. They wave even if they don't know you. Every one just seems so happy.

Where am I referring? Is it Disneyworld? No. I am talking about my kid's new schools! The teachers, parents, traffic director, bus drivers, random people just driving by in their cars.....

With the exception of lectures regarding drug sniffing dogs and an art teacher that uses the word "cr*p" in every other sentence, we may as well be going to school with Wally and the Beave.

#2 and #3 really, really liked school and made lots of friends (thank you, Jesus!). The playground was the highlight of their day. It is really nice! Their teachers are wonderful communicators...we've had bus issues (as in never receiving a schedule and not having my calls returned) and the school is doing all they can on their end of things to help me work it out.

#1 is not so thrilled with school, but as I mentioned above they really spent most of their day going over the student handbook and talking about what happens if they break the rules. I like this school...it is definitely more on the stricter side (detention for not doing your homework!). We think once they actually start having a normal school day, she'll like it more. Her homeroom teacher is very sweet and she's getting to know some nice girls.

And, I had my first night of "mommy homework" filling out paperwork. I signed more paperwork than when we bought this house! Seriously! They all needed media release forms, fluoride tablet options, Internet rules, health forms, emergency contact forms, nose blowing liability release forms in the event they blow too hard the school is not responsible (just kidding!), group insurance, student handbook, etc...... I sat down like a well-oiled machine and tackled it in an organized matter on my dining room table. The school does a very good job of teaching the kids to be organized with planners and folders.....I like that a lot!

Overall, it was a good day for all (#1 may argue that a bit) and I think we're going to like our schools! Now, if you'll excuse me I have a house to sell.

And, everybody say "AMEN"!

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Classic MaMa said...


I love to hear that the girls (almost) all had a great day at school. I'm sure #1 will come around. Yeah!! Yeah!! I'm so glad, glad, glad for you! ;) (Figured you'd appreciate a bit of Pollyannaness)