Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just a Little Randomness

We went to see Underdog tonight since it rained and we could not go to Hersheypark as planned. It was a very cute movie and worth the (gasp, choke, gag) $32 plus refreshments it cost to see it. The mad scientist parts were a little scary, but other than that this is one of those few movies that the kids and adults all liked. But, don't even get me started on The Disney Single Parent Conspiracy because yes, you guessed it...the mom in the movie died and it's just Dad and Son.

Praise the Lord we sold our washer, dryer and spare refrigerator this weekend. It worked out perfectly since we had told our "renters:, a.k.a. the people buying our house on August 28th, that we would have everything out of the garage by today. Instead of having to figure out where we would put all of it, we were able to sell this stuff in the very God-orchestrated-11th hour-kind-of-way I've come to expect from Him! Now, I just have to sell my antique bedroom furniture and we will have earned enough to buy some smaller, more modern pieces of bedroom furniture and stop living out of Rubbermaid storage totes! I guess I can also take down my Disney Princess beach towels that are our current curtains and buy some real window treatments. As much as I enjoy falling asleep with Cinderella watching over me, I'm not sure I like Jasmine's bare belly being exposed in front of The Husband in our bedroom (who is BEGGING me to buy curtains to hang up. BEGGING ME!!!).

Please pray for The Dog. She has a left hind leg injury that she seems to keep re injuring and as much as I love her I don't want to cart her over to our OVERPRICED veterinarian to receive a diagnosis that goes something like "Well, it's not broken, but she did sprain/bruise her left quadrant of her femus dogisis so just keep an eye on her and there is nothing we can really do. Thank you. That will be 1 bazillion dollars, please." She's still walking and playing, but if she continues this week limping or favoring it like she seems to randomly be doing for the last 2 weeks then I'm going to take her sorry, expensive self in to get checked out. Let's pray first though, kay? I do feel bad for her and want to act responsibly.

Well, other than feeling a little touch of the grumpies due to "the time of the month" being right around the corner it has been a pretty good weekend. Tomorrow I have to start the full swing planning of #2's birthday party the next day which consists of 8 or 10 girls sleeping over.

In my house.

My new house.

Is this all random enough for you? I'm having a hard time signing off because there is nothing to summarize in this, I'll just say: see long.....Happy Monday......Jesus loves me this I know......later, alligators.........

ok, I'm done.

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