Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hersheypark Family Time

Since it had been ages since all 5 of our family members went to Hersheypark together, we decided to go last night for just a few hours and catch the show and go on a few rides.

Ahhhh, the show.

Well, how can I describe it to you?....hmmm....let's see....lots of great gymnastics and acrobatics as a rendition of Beauty and the Beast. If they hadn't announced that I would have never known what they were trying to do. It was more like The Matrix goes Asian with a little extra weirdness thrown in for good measure. But, really great stunts. Unfortunately, I missed a lot trying to figure out if one of the girls was really a guy (I'm still not certain). I'm thinking if you have little kids....DON'T GO! Even #1 left the theatre saying "Man, that was freaky and kind of scary". I would have to agree. The preview doesn't do it justice. The stunts are really cool, though.

The park has become crowded pretty much all the time now so we don't do too many rides. We did manage to get The Husband on the carousel as our last ride of the evening (in keeping with our tradition).

Aren't they all so cute in their baseball caps?

She didn't try to get off while it was moving this time! She named her horse Sparkle (no relation to Like I was Saying's.... daughter!).


speakingfreely said...

your second picture didn't show up...

Natalie said...

we saw that show too and I also thought it was freaky. we took both girls and I was regretting that move pretty quickly.