Thursday, August 16, 2007

How Can My Brain Handle All This (Or, Can't It)?

I have soooo many thoughts going through my mind lately it is no wonder in the last few weeks I forgot:

1. To take #1 to middle school orientation camp. She missed the first half of it. Whoops. It's always great to be the new girl, especially when your mom is a total FLAKE!

2. To meet the people who wanted to buy my washer and dryer at our old house. Thank the Lord they waited for me and still bought it.

3. To take #1 to a pool party (thankfully, her BFF called moments before to remind me because she's starting to figure out how things work around here!).

4. That I was scheduled to work in the preschool at church last night.

5. That #2 had soccer practice and was a half hour from home minutes before practice was scheduled with no shin guards, cleats, soccer ball, food and water. I'll be emailing the coach an apology when I'm done doing my important "Mommy Work" on the computer (wink, wink).

I'm a little worried that perhaps I will walk out of the house forgetting I'm only in my underwear or maybe forget one of the kids inside a restroom at Giant or something equally as scary.

But, you want to know what I do remember?

Tomorrow night is the premiere of (shriek, gasp, clap):

I know this is controversial, but I am a closet fan of High School Musical. And, so are my kids. And, I think so are some of you.

After all, "we're all in this together".


Natalie said...

Hey, I know NOTHING about HSM but somehow mu girls think it is the best thing ever even though they've never seen it before. I actually caught a little bit of HSM 1 tonight and it looked cute. Would HSM 1 or 2 be appropriate for a 5 and/or 7 year old to watch? Any and all opinions are welcomed.

Thrills said...

It seems that I always remember the important things too - like when my favorite shows are on.

The Gang's All Here! said...

As long as you don't forget your coffee, there's nothing really that important. Plus, if you remember your coffee, the caffeine will kick in and your brain will race with all the things you need to remember, in no particular order and not always when you need them, but the thoughts will race!