Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our Weekend Retreat

I was vaguely aware of the piano being played as we sat holding hands in the 2 chairs as others gathered around us to pray and prophesy. As soon as I sat down I could barely breathe. The Husband later told me he felt the same way. It was like I was on the verge of hyperventilating and I was trying to focus on breathing slowly. The presence of the Lord was so strong I wasn't sure I could handle the simple task of breathing! As others began to pray and speak over us I felt like the heavens opened up and literally showered us with God's Love. People we didn't know spoke things about us that they couldn't have known while people we did know said things that brought healing to the depths of my soul. I cried so hard I was afraid all you'd hear on the tape is me snarfing and sniffing! What a sweet release!

There is power when believers gather and pray and move in the power of our almighty God. I pray that when life begins to throw me a curve ball and things may not go as I plan, that I remember that God sees it all. The good, the bad and everything in between. I need to trust Him and know that He loves me no matter what. I could never earn it, I just have to make the choice to receive it.

I am blessed!


Beautiful Grace said...

AWESOME!!! May God's Words bring sustained strenth and power in your lives!!! I too, had the privilege to be "prophesied over" at Youth Explosion. It was beautiful the way God revealed His heart toward me through Bob Hazlet. I must have listened to the tape about a dozen times, praising and thanking God that He does "look over the details of my life."

Continued blessings overflow!!! :)

Classic MaMa said...

:) snarf, snarf, sniffle, sniffle

Natalie said...


I've got about 18 of your posts bookmarked so I could come over and leave a comment, but just never have. I guess I'll have to just do it all in one.

I appreciate the window you've given us to the journey God has your family on right now. You've ministered so much to me with your perseverance, honesty and fortitude.

I have always believed that when life gets hard, it just means that great things are ahead. It means that the enemy is quaking in his boots b/c he knows God is about ready to do something unbelievable and the enemy is doing everything he can to get my focus off God.

Count it a complement from the enemy when he comes blazing with both guns firing. But don't take, grab hold to God and get ready for the best ride of your life.

God is good. All the time.
All the time. God is good.