Monday, August 20, 2007

I Feel Like I'm Back in School Again

This morning is kindergarten open house and you would think I was the one going to school. I actually put MAKE-UP on, can you believe it? And, do you want to know the shallow reason why?

Because my BABY is going to kindergarten and I'll probably be one of those "older" moms there. The ones everyone feels sorry for because the next step for them is an empty nest when their kids all leave home for college ....or....sniff......the mission field......not that any of that is bad, I just can't think about it now!

I had a poor lack of planning having the oldest start middle school and the youngest start kindergarten the same year. What was I thinking?!! Both these events are traumatic on their own, now it is compounded! Somehow, when I home schooled it just didn't seem like that much of a big deal. Why now?

But, I digress.....we are going to Open House and I'm ready to hand deliver my letters to the girl's new teachers telling them a little bit about each child's strengths and weaknesses and that (gulp) that I would be praying for them (the teachers) to have a school year filled with peace and joy. I am hoping that they see that as a good thing (prayer). I figured without coming right out and saying "We're Christians" I'd rather demonstrate it. Hopefully, this approach won't send an impression that we are going to be high maintenance and judgmental. I'm fully prepared to work with the school and not against it and my most powerful tool is prayer.

So, why am I so nervous to meet my....I mean....THEIR new teachers???!!


Classic MaMa said...

What a great idea: giving the teachers letters. I would have LOVED to receive those types of letters from parents because as a teacher, you can't really say: "Hey, I'm a Christian." Wonderful, Melissa!

The Gang's All Here! said...

I actually had never heard of this before we moved out here. So far, all the teachers in the elem. school have asked for one. It's so fun to see that stuff in print (I'm a wordie!) and share your heart with the teacher.

On another note: Thanks for your comment on today's post. It was funny to read your perspective, since this has actually been an incredibly hard and lonely three years. I don't share much of that part of my journey on my blog because it seems too private to share most of the time. And because so many from our "new life" read my blog. I don't want to be misunderstood or offend anyone that I'm working on building relationship with.

I have missed ALL of you guys terribly, and have had to work really hard to keep a positive attitude and not feel so worn-out by trying to allow myself to be known. Probably not the words most would expect from me, as extroverted as I am, but true for where I'm at recently. It's still hard some days but I just remind myself of those verses from Psalms that I posted a couple weeks ago. That's what I'm working on - or rather, letting Him work on in me :)

Thanks for flipping my perspective! It is home, and for as long as the Lord has me here I will rejoice and I will dig in and make it home.