Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I can't believe school starts Monday. It kept me awake last night along with the strange 3:30am phone call that hung up on The Husband when he answered. Having an octopus (#3) join us in bed at midnight didn't help the cause.

2. If you have a Cingular/New ATT phone you can go here to do a bunch of cool things like have text messages sent to you to remind you of appointments. I could have used that feature here. Just click the "Manage Your Account" button.

3. The Husband is putting in his 2-week notice today and starts his new job on September 5th. It seems surreal like it is happening to someone else.

4. I'm getting my eyebrows waxed (finally!!) today.

5. I didn't like High School Musical 2 nearly as much as the first one. Too much boy-girl junk.

6. GAS refuses to let me take her to the neighborhood senior center that is a mere 2 blocks away because when she went to a different one 2 years ago no one paid attention to her. I'm making her go to BINGO on Friday anyway. No need to talk to anyone, just watch your cards.

7. Tomorrow is the day that our home buyers sell their house and then they buy ours next Tuesday (the dates didn't work with our agent and the buyer to do this any sooner together). Once I get the phone call tomorrow afternoon that their buyers actually showed up and wrote a check, then I'll believe that this whole ordeal is behind us. Until then....well, let's just say I'm not counting those chickens, yet.

8. Did I mention every time I think that school starts next week my heart rate increases and my eyes sting with tears? Is there something wrong with me?

9. I lost my glasses which I am supposed to have to drive and my eyesight is getting worse. The soonest I can get an appointment is September 5th. You may want to watch out for me on the roads. Thankfully, I have one eye that sees perfectly, but the other eye can't read the top line of an eye chart. So, as long as a bug doesn't fly in the good eye I should be okay driving.

10. We saw Ratatouille last night. I preferred Underdog. It made me laugh more.

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The Gang's All Here! said...

Again, this was just like talking to you on the phone :) I love that about your blog! And yes, it's normal that you tear up when you think about school. However, banning the word from your home and shushing anyone around you who tries to say it, that may not be normal... Or so says Shaggy! Cuz, you know, at 13 he IS the resident expert on what's socially acceptable and cool and hip and rad and gnarly, dude :)