Friday, August 10, 2007

Thank You for Shopping Your Friendly Neighborhood Criminal-Mart

Now, I'm MAD.

Someone just took #2's wallet at Wal-mart that contained 2 birthday gift cards totaling $40, a $50 check, and $19 cash. We are unsure if they stole it out of our cart or if she set it down and it was taken and never turned in. We spent an hour retracing our steps and practically begging the customer service people to alert the cashiers if someone comes through with these particular looking gift cards that they are stolen. Her name was on at least one of them and we described what the cards looked like. The lady told us it has been a bad day for things being taken, but they did catch a few of the people. No one seemed very eager to help is such a common occurance.

Nice, huh?

Who the heck goes to Wal-mart to rob people? H-e-l-l-o....we are at Wal-mart so we're probably not the kind of people who have a whole lot of money. That's just plain mean. And, don't get me started when they saw it was birthday giftcards for a little girl.

I know this seems unrealistic, but I am done with Wal-mart. I waited in line for 35 minutes the last time we were there a few nights ago while I had to engage my children in intense conversation so they were not aware of all the other people in line around us cursing up a storm. I would have just abandoned my cart and left, but it was filled with items for #2's birthday party that was the next day. I guess none of this compares with our all time worse Wal-mart horror story of when the man pulled down his pants and exposed himself to #1 and #2 several years ago when I was bending down to look at DVDs. It scared them both so bad that they didn't tell me until 5 months later.

Is there any coincidence that I've been thanking God (out loud) for increasing the compassion I feel towards people lately? Yeah, but I'm not sure if my compassion is extending to little-girl- wallet-stealing-people or the many foul-mouthed talking people that seem to surround me and my family everywhere I have been over the last 2 weeks.

I just want to lock myself in my house right now and NEVER come out except to go to church.

The good thing is I'll get over that soon and take the kids to Hersheypark tonight.

But, you better believe I'll have a good grip on my wallet.

By the way, #2 and I have already talked about forgiving the person who did this and prayed for God to do a miracle and bring her wallet back safely to her while revealing Himself to this person (or people) in a life changing way.


The Gang's All Here! said...

I'm so sorry that happened to your girl - that's horrible. Last year, Shaggy dropped $20 in the gift shop at the zoo and NO ONE stopped and turned it in. In a shop FULL of little kids. He was mortified, I was angry and The Boss was ticked. To make it worse, it was the first $20 he'd "earned" all by himself! AAAAAAARGH!

On a lighter note, I swear that reading your blog is JUST like talking to you! Every time I read it, I'm remembering our conversations on the phone when you led the moms' group and I helped (I hope?!). I leave your blog laughing and remembering those days fondly :)

Classic MaMa said...

Oh my. Oh my. This is terrible. All I can say is that you're doign a great job in instucting the kids to forgive...and start shopping at Target.

speakingfreely said...

I agree with Classic about Target. In fact, after a trip there on Friday, I was mentally preparing myself to blog about why Target (or any store really) is better than Wal-Mart. This posting will only add fuel to my fire. Tell #2 I'm so sorry for her loss. (P.S. When can I come over again? TP is out of town.)