Thursday, August 30, 2007

That Was Then and This is Now

I try so, so, SO hard not to complain, but our bus saga rages on.....

Added to our transportation problems of #2 not getting home until 4:35 pm (we live about a minute away from school!), #1 is on the middle school/high school bus and must endure all kinds of colorful language and hand gestures that you never want your 11- year old to hear. I nearly yanked her off the bus for the remainder of the school year, but we gave her The Husband's MP3 player and are praying it gets better. Unlike elementary buses where the youngest kids are required to sit in the front, on this bus she is nearly the last one to get on and must sit in the very back (with all the hoodlums, I assume!). First come, first serve is the way it goes. #1 has asked us not to discuss this with the bus driver during pick up/drop off since she doesn't want to be a called a "baby".

Arghhhhhhh! This is a lesson in self-control for me.

Let me be painfully honest with you....about 4-5 years ago I would have ignored her request and just marched myself on that bus and told that bus driver that the 6th graders should have the front seats because of all the INEXCUSABLE profanity. I would glare at the high school students while I was saying this. Then I would have marched myself inside and called the director of transportation and demand an explanation as to why MY daughter at the tender age of 11 must share a bus with obscene high school kids and this is UNACCEPTABLE. But, God bless you and have a nice day.

Just being honest.

I assure you that I would never do this now! As I've mentioned in previous posts I'm going to trust them to God for protection and peace and allow Him to somehow work His miraculous power into this situation (He's pretty creative). Do I still think about doing things like I described above? Oh yeah I do! But, God's grace is abounding and I'm going to try and do things His way!


Natalie said...

wow, i'm not the only one with bus sagas. i feel your pain. you definitely have more self-control than I do. last year, when the bus manager hadn't returned any of my 7 calls I told our bus driver that when she got back to the bus barn, she was to tell him that if he didn't call me within the next 24 hours "bad things were going to happen to him."

He called the next morning.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, unless our children live in a bubble, they can hear that language anywhere. I have been known to let one slip, but my kids catch me and I apologize, so at least they are aware that certain words are not acceptable.

I am taking an informal poll that I wish you would list on your blog..How much would you pay to go to a 20 Year High School Class Reunion? Is $120/couple reasonable?
Thanks, Jenna

The Gang's All Here! said...

Your self (Spirit?) control is admirable. I'm still working on that fiery redhead temperment thing! :)

And I admire #1's desire to handle it her way and her bravery in asking you not to intervene. That's a tough one for kids - at this age, they so desperately want to be independent and go about things with their own take, but there's still that child in them that wants Mommy to solve the problem and make it go away. Tell #1 KUDOS!