Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Could This Be the Light We've Been Seeing at the End of the Tunnel?

The Husband had a job interview yesterday. It went very well, but there are some things that The Lord needs to work out on our behalf.

It is for a truck driving position with a large well-known soft drink company who I happen to like a whole lot. But, since The Husband has been running restaurants and now working customer service for the last 7 years he never renewed his Class A CDL license. After his interview he went down to DMV where he paid $101 to take the written test and get his permit and now comes the tricky part.

He needs an actual truck and trailer to take the driving test. We don't really have one of those at our disposal right now. He asked the company he interviewed with if they hired him, could he use one of their trucks, but they are checking into it. I keep hoping and praying that they liked him so much that they are willing to help him get his CDL back and they won't see him as the "high maintenance" candidate when they have many others to choose from that already have their licenses.

We also have no idea what the actual schedule and benefits would be like, just that it pays what we need to live off of and can lead to other positions later down the road (ha ha, get it? down the road...he'd be a truck driver...haha...). Plus, do I dare dream of unlimited amounts of delicious Diet cola at a fraction of the cost?

The funny thing about all this is that when I think about it actually happening it doesn't get me overly excited. I think I've been drilling myself with the mantra "it's only money" for so long and enjoying God's miraculous provision through these rough times that it doesn't change how I am feeling about life in general. Of course, it would be a HUGE blessing and a relief, but it doesn't seem to be defining who I am like it may have a year or two ago.

Does that make sense?

I was worried maybe I've become depressed because I'm not doing cartwheels or maybe I just didn't want to get my hopes up, but God assured me when I questioned Him about this, that it is the peace I've been so desperate to grab ahold of that only He can give me (circumstances can't). I've been living in an expectant state for this breakthrough as if it has already happened! This possible job is no shock to me so I can't say that I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for the phone call to come. If this isn't it, God will close the door and open another one. I'm sure of it.


Classic MaMa said...

Actually, it's cool that you're not doing cartwheels. You're getting used to trusting and living in a non-rollercoaster emotional life. Your mood does not depend on your circumstances and that is great. We'll be praying that husband gets this position, or for one with a Dr. Pepper truck. :)

speakingfreely said...

just so you don't drink 7.5 cans per day, ok? that might kill you.

Beautiful Grace said...

Your husband was praying aside of me (in the "fire tunnel" line) on Friday night at Youth Explosion.

We saw and experienced God's awesome ways, and I felt God say that the blessings he experienced that night were only a little of what was to come. I said something like that. :)

May the Lord open up the window of blessings for you and your lovely family. May the blessings meet your physical, spiritual and emotional needs to overflow. In Jesus name, AMEN!!!

Tell you daughter, #1. I really enjoyed getting to know her at Youth Explosion. Her enthusiasm in the dance worship blessed me!!

Have an overflow of Jesus-day!!! :)