Thursday, May 29, 2008

(Dread) Locks of Love

#3 is sporting a new hair do! We have experienced various hair trauma over the years as I have begged her to let us cut her hair short. She screams when I come at her with any brush besides her "purple one". And, the "purple one" is worthless.

So, after seeing some friends at school with cute summer hair cuts, she asked me to take her to the beauty salon to get hers cut. I tried my best to brush through it this morning, but ended up doing what we all do on bad hair days. I threw it in a ponytail and hoped the lucky lady who wound up cutting her hair wouldn't have a nervous breakdown and quit her job on the spot.

I offered some lame explanations as the lady tried to run her fingers through her hair. I told her we have been using a clarifying shampoo to get the chlorine out and it dried out her hair. Blah, blah, blah, blah.....I know the lady was thinking exactly like what I was trying not to sound like. This mother must never brush this child's hair. Her teeth are probably rotting, too. And, I must admit, if I only had one child there is no way the lady would have had to tell me that my daughter had begun to form dreadlocks in her hair and the only way to get them out was to cut them.

Oh shame on me! I was horrified! Thankfully, the worst of it was closest to her neck so when she cut all but a half inch of her hair off there, the other layers cover it up nicely. I tried not to notice that as her hair was cut and falling to the floor it looked like a chunk of a rug or a muskrat or something hideous that a child should never have growing out of her head. I was having one of those lame mommy moments until the Holy Spirit reminded me that she may have dreads, but she is one happy kid. And, other than this unfortunate hair drama I take relatively good care of her. You know, for being the third one and all.


The Gang's All Here! said...

HOW CUTE! I love it! I can't believe how grown up your girls are - the vacation pics are great. Especially the ones of J sleeping - The Boss and he would have a rockin' time away together :)

Missed seeing you this weekend - we were in for the long holiday weekend to visit the G's. Had a great time, was hard to leave. Miss ya!

Hands-Free Heart said...

Her new cut is very cute! Should be much easier and less painful to brush now.

Thrills said...

Princess will not let me comb/brush her hair either. I am trying to decide if I should take her to get her hair cut or not. she is my little girl and I hate to get it all cut off. The other problem is that she does not let me put clips or ponytails in. I am thinking that her hair is going to be really hot and annoying this summer. We will see.

ComfyDenim said...

I laugh - because I understand.
Mini-Me has such a sensitive head she cried for awhile whenever the hair person got near her neck. She even tells our great hair dresser to be careful at the neck and she's been cutting our hair going on 2 years.

We have to use conditioner and the shampoo that says no more tangles. And I keep a spray detangler on hand. *L*


Good luck!!! Love the cut.