Monday, May 19, 2008

FREE Dinner

This may be a little last minute, but I figured I'd throw it out there for you....

On May 20th at 6pm, Herd Chiropractic will be hosting a FREE dinner talk at the Hoss's in Mechanicsburg. They will be doing another one on June 16th. I am the "hostess with the mostest" at these talks and they are very informative....and, I don't get anything for you showing up! I just figured I'd spread the word (and have some people there that I actually KNOW)....but, here are the details...
  • It is for you and 1 or 2 adult guests (no kids)
  • They will be drawing a door prize for a $200 gas card giveaway (tomorrow is the last date they will do this)
  • You should not already be under chiropractic care anywhere else because....duh, they are hoping to get new business and not steal it away from someone else!
  • Did I mention it is free? They buy your dinner and some of the chiropractors will talk for a few minutes about maintaining a healthy spine and how it affects your overall health.
  • Just leave me a comment if you or someone else you know can attend tomorrow evening or on June 16th.
That's it! Pretty simple. By the way, just a little plug....I threw my lower back out last weekend and suffered in pain all week. I got adjusted on Friday and immediately felt better...the pain is now 90% gone and I didn't need any medication or other doctor appointments. Praise the Lord!

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