Friday, May 30, 2008

They've Stolen My Heart. Yes, They Have.

I had the wonderful privilege of being selected for the coveted position of chaperon for our sixth grade field trip to Baltimore Inner Harbor. I really didn't know what all the hula-ba-loo was about until I actually went. We had coach buses, admission to the aquarium with the mammal show (aka dolphins) and a tour of Camden Yards, which I can hardly believe I'm typing this....was my most favorite part of the day (besides spending it with some really cool kids). And, they gave all of us $15 each for lunch! I was in shock. I was thrilled and then understood the bitterness from the parents that for whatever reason were not chosen (probably because it was the only thing they signed up for all year while the rest of us slaved away in the conference room for a week counting magazine orders!). Yes, at our school you gotta earn your field trips!

The funny thing is that I really don't find middle school kids to be annoying. I enjoy having them at my house and for the most part (and, there are exceptions) if you treat them with kindness and respect you'll usually get it in return. Even from the kids who act like they could care less. I find them staring at me when they think I'm not looking. Maybe it's my moles or maybe they are trying to figure me out. Who knows? Speaking of my awful moles, I could entertain you with an entire post dedicated to funny stories of little kids and their comments on my moles.

Ewww...side note I'm typing I'm eating strawberries I bought from a roadside stand near my house and there is a big hair in it and it is not the color of mine.....I think I'll be done now.

Okay, enough about my hairy strawberries and moles, I'm talking about teenagers now. Well, almost teenagers officially, but if you ask my opinion 12 is the new 14 (just like 38 is the new 26). Some of you are probably like, HUH? What the heck is she talking about?? Nevermind. God is so good at basically EVERYTHING that He takes us to places in our life we could never imagine ourselves and then REDEEMS us through those circumstances. For example, I feel so blessed to pray for and mentor young people now to make wise, Godly choices in their lives because I did not do that when I was their age. I was a wild child and desperately needed a mentor and someone praying for me growing up. Now, I can help young girls from making the same mistakes I made. That is redemption, people. Can I get an AMEN??

God is just so good like that!

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