Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Dream Come True!

I had a dream. It was amazing! In my dream I was in bed, pulled back the sheer curtain with my foot and this is what I saw as a warm breeze blew over me:

Then, I climbed out of bed and walked out onto the balcony:

I was dreaming that I stayed at a 3 million dollar beach house:

Okay, pinch me! I really wasn't dreaming! I seriously walked in the front door and you may as well have had Ty Pennington yelling to "move that bus" because I was freaking out just like those people on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition! I could not get over the magnificence of this house. I felt like Ivana Trump and Mrs. Thurston Howell the Third all rolled into one, Dah-ling.

Now, I will just keep boring you with all the pictures of this 6 bedroom palace we stayed in with a total of 21 of us. We had met up in North Carolina to celebrate The Husband's pa-paw's 90th birthday. It was so are a few of my favorites around the house (notice The Husband sleeping...he did that a lot because he would get up at like 5am every morning):

We even saw a wedding on the beach and cheered them on from our balcony (which looks to have annoyed the bride a bit?):

I drove a golf cart to the one of the only places there was to go....the t-shirt shop. This was a highlight each day for the children. So was riding the elevator in the house; however it didn't always open up for the kids and it was the size of a small closet. I was a little nervous about it by the end of our stay after having to free them several times. From the elevator. Not the golf cart.

Our pool was heated to the temperature of bath water. Until the heater broke on the last day. I was the lucky one who discovered it when I did a running cannonball at about 9am and found the water to be a bit....ummmmm.....frigid. Did anyone hear me screaming back in PA? This is a pre-heater breakdown picture when the water felt like a comfortable 85 degrees.

Beach pics and family photo shoot to be continued......


ComfyDenim said...

totally jealous.
I think the bride was grinning. :-)

Beautiful Grace said...

Wow, you weren't kidding!!!! Now I REALLY AM JEALOUS!!!!!

No, seriously, I believe Jesus just smiled on you guys...I'm really glad that you had such a beautiful trup!!! :)