Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mom's Day!

It's Mother's Day weekend and I feel the need to take a few minutes to break my blogging fast to ramble about being a mom. Because most of you reading this are probably moms or will be a mom one day.

While taking a break from blogging I'd love to tell you that I have deep spiritual revelations burning inside me to share with the internet world or I had the most hilarious thing happen to me at Kohl's. I've had some amazing revelations and encounters over the last few weeks, but really they are personal and not something I feel led to preach on the internet! No, the best I can do is tell you with coupons I saved $40 on my grocery bill at Giant. So, here I am back to talking about being a mom so that one day when my kids read this it will somehow convey the depth of my love for Jesus and for them.

One thing I have been learning over the last few weeks is that apart from God, we are like hamsters on a wheel. Running and going no where and then being frustrated (I don't know if hamsters get frustrated, but I do!). And, despite being madly in love with Jesus, I've found myself on the hamster wheel in a few areas. Some aspects of my parenting feel like I'm striving and getting no where in my own strength.

I began to really listen to our family devotions and prayer time. I wondered if the angels were sitting around yawning and checking their watches. One night after my kids intently watched the Disney Channel for an hour, they goofed off and talked while I was trying to pray and I literally stopped praying mid-sentence and sent them to bed. They were shocked and I was disappointed. Since when does the God of the universe deserve less respect than Hannah Montana? But, I had allowed it to get to that point....and, I felt hopeless and wondered if they were being immature or rebellious?

Excuse me, Lord, can you please help me climb off the hamster wheel?

I realized that I needed to pray more and preach less. Sure, I try to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, but, boy I can TALK the TALK, people! It was time to ask for the power Jesus promised us. He said we'll do greater works than He did on the earth. Hello! Greater miracles than walking on water, feeding 5000 and raising the dead??? Praying for a "good" day just seems kind of tame and safe to me. So, we talked to the girls about our repetitive, vague prayers and devotions.....and, oh my word....they have some fire in them now! And, ultimately it isn't about getting all pumped up on God's power and keeping it to ourselves. I absolutely believe with all my heart there is a call on our family, a mantle, an anointing to break down strongholds the enemy has set up in our region. We are called. And, by the way, so are you. But, you probably already know that.

As I watch my girls grow, I am proud. There is so much I could say about each one. I almost feel like they make every day Mother's Day for me. They are all affectionate and fill my life with so much laughter. So, these tough times we go through only bring us closer. I love that they were all willing to increase the intensity of their prayer time and take their callings a little more seriously. And, I am more grateful then ever before to be blessed with these three precious treasures!


Natalie said...

What a great Mother's Day post full of wisdom and reminders that it's only through God's power that we can be the moms he has created us to be.

Thank you for letting us walk on this spiritual journey with you. You are a great Godly mom, wife and friend. Happy Mother's Day!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Happy Mothers' Day! And if we hold hands, we can jump off the wheel together :)

Good one today!

Beautiful Grace said...

Glad you're back. Missed you!! :)

missy said...

Loved this post! I'll be back to read it again, I'm sure. I need to focus on exactly the same things!