Friday, May 2, 2008

One Week Into My Blogging Break

So much happens in a week! I've enjoyed reading my Bible EVERY morning. It has made such a difference in my outlook for the day. I highly recommend it. When jealous, critical, insecure thoughts began to nag at me, I knew this was not the voice of my Father and I could proclaim His truth instead.

I wrote some letters, went on a field trip, and am playing Mama Rabbit, along with #2 and #3, to a precious pack of baby bunnies The Dog found in an old pen we use to store our summer patio furniture in our yard. Today I noticed some flies buzzing around them and I thought that was odd. Sadly, I had to pull out a dead bunny from the bottom of the bunny hole. But, the other five are holding strong and their mama must be coming at night to feed them because they look healthy. We were a little worried since one of them actually got outside of the fence and had a bunch of flies on it. I wasn't even sure if it was alive, but #3 found it and rescued it and it seems to be fine now. We have bunny on the brain. I hope and pray they all make it. Meaning, I hope The Dog doesn't get to them when they decide they are old enough to leave the safety of the pen!

The Bunny Whisperer

I also got to the gym three times, which is good since I discovered my latest food obsession. OH MY WORD!!! Insanely delicious, I tell you. Click here. I've already eaten 2 of them today and I cannot allow myself to even drive in the vicinity of this fat-laden temptation. But, if you go...get the OC Sand. That's all I'm going to say.

The Husband broke his nose yesterday playing baseball with the girls. Ouch. He is also working a crazy schedule at work. Some days he goes in for 6 hours and then other days he works 14. I feel so bad for him right now.

I will admit that my thinking is starting to return to normal versus trying to think in my mind how I'm going to turn every funny or spiritual account into a blog post. Freedom!

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The Gang's All Here! said...

I'm missing your regular posts, but it sure sounds like you are making your time count for good stuff!