Monday, June 2, 2008

Ocean Isle Beach - Part 2

My SIL hired a professional photographer to come to the beach house and take pictures, so the whole family piled on the white shirts and dark jeans. The professional pics won't be available to see for another week or so, but we took these with our camera:

These are all the kids and they couldn't wait to do a "silly" picture:

That is our lovely house behind us:

By this point #3 was bored and starving and decided she was done being cute:

And, here is some time we spent on the beach. #2 and #3 had never gotten anything more than their ankles wet in the ocean before this trip. We finally got them out waist high and #2 actually did a little boogie boarding (although, that isn't her in the picture with #1 below), until we were swimming amidst. sting. rays. I needn't tell you that my youngest children have decided they will never go into the ocean. ever. again.

The Husband captured this beautiful sunrise:


Classic MaMa said...

What a gorgeous family!!

WherestheBox said...

Wow - great pictures! The family shots are really good, but the sunrise is especially beautiful.

@pril G said...

You're beautiful. I miss you. Let's hang out!

Livin' Life said...

I have been soooo enjoying reading about your vacation. I am so happy for you guys and getting away. The pictures are awesome. You are one hot mama!!!!!:)