Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wake Up Call

Yesterday was a very productive day around our house. In a physical, cleaning sense. In a spiritual sense, we were way off base. As I spent the day listening to my kids interacting with one another and me, I just felt angry and discouraged. By the end of the day, after scrap booking, going to the pool and a good "summer" cleaning of the house I realized we were missing prayer (except for the few token ones spoken throughout the day) and the power of the Holy Spirit to help us overcome the anger that continued to rear its ugly head. I realized my kids hearts are still soft and they desire to do the right thing; however, we were not moving forward in this area since they have been home from school for the summer.

When I want to get their attention and I don't have time, I yell. But, when I do have the time and I listen to the Holy Spirit I handle it His way. And, we all know His way is so much better! So, as I began to rant at bedtime last night I felt the Holy Spirit convict me that we have not had regular family time in His Word and they need it more then ever. We have been blessed with a summer home together to strengthen one another for the spiritual warfare they will undoubtedly go through when school starts again, along with all the other various activities. So, we sat on the hard floor (because our cushions were wet from steam cleaning) and because of that I started out by telling them sometimes they will be uncomfortable and it is okay. Part of what helps us to develop self-control is being uncomfortable and having a good attitude about it. I then shared my concerns for how the summer has been going and they all agreed they want it to be better. So, we confessed our sins and each one of us prayed (I must tell you because The Husband gets up at 3:10 am for work he was in bed already and we need to adjust this time together to accomodate him in the future). Their sweet prayers for healing my grandmother and our neighbor in her wheelchair made me cry. There is a compassion in them and I need to do my part to see it cultivated. I started to get caught up in the entertainment and chores aspect of summer and neglected this important time of training them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. I settled for status quo and I am so glad the summer isn't over and I have a chance now to do what is right.

So, if you would happen to drive by and see us dancing and singing, we'll be praising the Lord BEFORE we start rocking out with the Disney Channel. No more leftovers for Him. He is going to get our best and our first.

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