Thursday, June 12, 2008

She Got Her Happily Ever After.....

My family and I had the awesome privilege of being in my sweet friend, "Susan's" wedding last weekend. I have been praying for several years for her to meet the man that God had for her and this wonderful day to come! Her husband (that sounds so strange!) is a great guy who adores her.

Let's begin with our bachelorette party at the best Moroccan restaurant I've ever been to (okay....technically it was the ONLY Moroccan restaurant I have ever been to). It is called La Kasbah and you should check it out here. You must order the tea and the couscous salad. OH MY WORD! Fabulous. Everything else was great, too. And, the ambiance is pretty cool, too. They actually sell items from Morocco. Here we are:

The next night we had the rehearsal followed by an authentic Indian dinner (again, my taste buds were loving life). Susan is marrying into an Indian heritage that loves the Lord! She wore the "traditional" Indian thinger-ma-bobber that her future in-laws bought for her in India. You can't really see much of it since her giant "bouquet" is covering it!

And, then after The Husband and others practiced long into the night as the worship team for the ceremony, we came back the next day for the wedding. I was a bridesmaid, #3 was the flower girl, #2 handed out programs, #1 sang a song, and The Husband played drums. They really honored each one of us and we were so glad to each have a part in their special day.

Please ignore the hugeness of my arm in this picture. It's just my really giant muscles bulging. Or, not.

#3 wore her shoes and tights for about....hmmmm....let's see.....until the wedding started. So, Susan let her walk down the aisle barefoot. #3's dress was destroyed by the end of the reception. The hem was hanging off of it and chocolate from the fountain was dripped all throughout it. I wouldn't be surprised if she drank out of it like a water fountain. There was also some soda spilled on it, too (before the wedding even started).

#1 sounded great especially since she only heard the song she was singing without the words for the first time at the rehearsal! #2 did great handing out programs, she is hardly in any of the pictures because she was behind the camera most of the day taking these pictures.

Did I mentioned they got married on the day it was about 147 degrees outside? The air conditioning in the church just couldn't keep up and the entire bridal party nearly passed out under the hot stage lights (after we came back from shooting pictures outside at someone's beautiful house). Another bridesmaid and I figured if the flower girl could be barefoot, then so could we! We kicked off our shoes during worship and only when I walked up the stairs to the stage did I realize that it was very obvious that we had no shoes on!

If "Peter" was a girl I know I'd be a bridesmaid in his wedding, too!

And, the best part was that I met this really hott drummer at the wedding! :-)


mama2dibs said...

First of all, your family is just so beautiful. Secondly 147?!? Yikes! It's warm here in Iowa, but that's mostly humidity from all of this darn water that just won't stop coming. I'm glad that you are surrounded by wonderful Christian friends that can help you mentor your wonderful Christian daughters. :)

Melissa said...

Just kidding about the 147! It FELT like 147 degrees, but it was only about 101.

mama2dibs said...

Still...triple digits. It's only June for heaven's sake.