Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some More (Not) Really Deep Random Thoughts

I've been bitten by the scrap booking bug this week during our elementary enrichment camp. Apparently so have all three of my children because they are really enjoying themselves. Today was "PJ" day as we scrapped about friends and I made them all chocolate chip pancakes so it really felt like a sleep over!

Completely unrelated other than the daughters of a vet being in the scrap booking camp, The Dog has some funky funk in her ears. It is like little scabs on the fur inside and her ears smell bad. I thought it could be ticks, but when I ripped the scabs (I think) off, they were not bugs. She also keeps trying to scratch her snoot. Any diagnosis? Or, have I completely grossed you out? Yes, I will take her to the vet next week after all the school stuff is over and my real summer vacation begins. Unless, she starts bleeding from her ears or snoot or passes out...then, I'll take her sooner.

And, again, completely unrelated is that The Husband is now at a "callback" for our church production. A joke was made by the director that there is an Oh My Word family member in a production each year! Only #2 and #3 need to have a turn now. I must admit when I saw there was only one female role available for someone in her late 20's I was largely disappointed. For #1 mostly and then for me. We both enjoy theater a lot. I, unlike #1, do enjoy helping backstage as much as acting on stage. Her? Not so much. But, as I explained to her, God has perfect timing and He knows what she should (and should not be) doing. She was especially disappointed to discover that for the second year in a row they upped the age limit for the Youth Drama Team. They used to allow 6th graders until #1 was in 6th. Then they pushed it to 7th graders and now that she is a 7th grader they pushed the criteria to 8th grade! I think she is starting to get a complex! Her tearful request to me this weekend was to please try to find a play for her to be in! Not a $180 a week drama camp....an actual production. So far, I'm coming up with nothing. Hopefully, if YFC does a fall play it won't interfere drastically with soccer like it has in the past. Again, I'm praying for her to be patient and content in this season, either way. She still continues to be a drama queen at home so she should be fresh for her next audition!! Just kidding, #1....I knew you'd read that!

I am starting to casually give some thought as to whether I will be gainfully employed once school starts. I've toyed with finishing my bachelor's degree (I only have an Associates in Business), but that would cost money, rather then make any and the only reason I would go back was so I could get my teaching certification. And, again, I'm not sure I want to teach anyone other then my own children! I would really like to be a health inspector, so I may look into that avenue. And, yes, I'm totally serious. I think The Husband is afraid for my life though because I would imagine when you threaten to shut a place down it could get some business owners upset. Needless to say, he doesn't encourage that career path for me. Which leaves me perhaps trying to get a job as a recess or lunch aid at school and now that I've actually typed that I'm thinking....uhhhhh.....no. The perk there would be having off when the kids are off. And, seriously, that would be the ONLY perk, don't you think? I think it would be hard to say good-bye to #3 when she has to go back to class each day because she (and, I, secretly) has begun to dread the thought of all day away from home in BIG GIRL first grade. I have decided to develop a will power of steel and pray for the peace of Christ because I home schooled both of her sisters for first grade for the very reason of not wanting them to be away five full days at the tender age of (sniff) 6-7.

Okay, change the subject...how about those Yankees? Just kidding! I really don't care!

Back to home schooling...if I thought that #3 would benefit from it I would do it in a heartbeat. I know deep down inside, with her learning style and personality she needs to spend first grade in a traditional classroom. Of course, I'm hoping and praying and begging the Lord for her to not have a certain teacher who is the polar opposite of her sweet, funny and wonderful (love her) kindergarten teacher. Because, if that happens, I may just have to re-visit that whole home schooling thing. Or, trust that God knows what and who is best for her.

So, because I'm interested to see if anyone actually read this looooooong post to the end, what should I be when I grow up? I'm looking for some input as to where I should seek employment in the fall....that means even you lurkers that never leave comments! Shall I pursue my talk show dreams? Mayor? Ministry? Finish my degree and stock shelves on the midnight shift at Wal-mart to pay for it? Write a book? Groom alpacas? Please HELP ME!!!!


Beautiful Grace said...

I can't help you, because I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up! If I could get paid for worshipping Jesus in song/dance, that would be awesome, but not realistic...besides my retirement community in heaven will have that going on for eternity, so I guess I can wait.

May the Lord open your eyes to His career path for you!

Thrills said...

I always think that if I go back to work, I will work at a college. I figure that will help the kids with college tuition by hopefully getting them a discount.

I also think about working for the school district - lunch aide, teachers aide, toilet scrubber (just kidding!) - so that I would have the same schedule as them.

The Gang's All Here! said...

You should be a world renown inspirational/motivational speaker. You are just to stinkin' happy and giddy in this post :) And you'd be great at motivating large groups of any age or stage to join you in what ever insanity you have planned next - you are that persuasive :)

I'm gonna be a staid and placid college professor, with a wealth of academic brilliance just dripping off my fingertips. DaHling. (looking snootily over my glasses at you as I say this.)

Livin' Life said...

Go for President. I think you could take it by a landslide. Or you could just be part-time everything. Part-time teacher, motivational speaker, writer, health inspector....Why give yourself to only one thing. Go ahead and do them all!!!!!

Natalie said...

You need to run for political office! Especially after holding your ground over at P4M with the latest debate. I personally know the person you are up against and I'm tickled pink that you are taking him to task with an intelligent and non-emotional argument.

I'll be your campaign manager! Hey, I'm going to need a job soon, too.

@pril G said...

I think you are capable of doing ANYTHING!
What about starting a day care in your home? You could watch a handful of yougin's and do laundry at the same time PLUS bring home some bacon. Or, professional children's entertainer (read, clown). You could work on the weekends at kids' parties. Make a few animal balloons (not hard to do, I could show you) and juggle. Then say "It's story time" and tell them about Jesus. You could charge $50 and hour. Costume... just wear something colorful & a wig. I know how you love to wear wigs!

Promises Fulfilled said...

Dawson's cousin and aunt owns alpacas...maybe they need a groomer - I could ask them for you! Only thing is that you would have to move to NH! :)

I really don't know what to seriously suggest to you, but you have a beautiful heart towards the Lord and He will show you what He has in store for you! :)