Thursday, December 4, 2008

Days 2 and 3 of Endurance (Advent)

Last night our Day 3 challenge was to cooperate together and find someone to pray for. Again, I explained some things can be hard or feel strange, but God encourages us that many times the right thing to do isn't always an easy choice! The girls all decided on a lady that #2 had pictured on the way over. This was one of the first times they actually initiated it on their own without me along to do the talking. They were nervous and basically #1 did most of the talking and praying. But, they did it together and I was proud of them. It wasn't like goosebumps on the back of the neck or anything, but it was obedience to the Lord (I gave them the choice to do it, I didn't want them to feel pressure from me). Here they are at Giant talking and praying with her (and, yes there is actually a woman there and they are not talking to the trashcan!):

Tonight was Day 4 of our Advent adventure and they got to take their craft items they bought on Day 2 and turn them into a banner that we'll keep as a reminder of God helping us to "endure". It is really cool, but their real names are on it so I didn't want to post a picture close up. We talked about the scripture from Romans about challenges and difficulties making us stronger. Then, I read them a story about a chick breaking out of its shell and how hard it looks. But, if someone else breaks that shell open for it, that chick will end up being weak. I sort of let my girls know that there are times I am choosing not to "break open their shell" for them! Yet, I'm close by and praying for them to get through those tough times.

I wonder if that Mama Chicken ever wants to take control and just go over and start pecking to help those babies like I want to help mine sometimes! My children aren't the only ones being ministered to during this Advent season....their "Mama Chicken" is learning to endure, as well!


Anonymous said...

I just want to say - I think this is very cool. You are one creative mom - and your passion for your children is so evident. :)

The Gang's All Here! said...

Very cool indeed. I am letting the whole advent thing go this year, in light of still adjusting and transitioning with Li'l Empress. So I'm really enjoying your series. And feeling very impressed with the prep time it's taking you. :)