Friday, December 26, 2008

Wii Are Blessed!

We are having a blast enjoying our new Wii. It has taken "family game night" to a whole new level! And, because it was a group gift from various family members it has greatly decreased the clutter we normally experience each Christmas trying to figure out how to make room for all the new "stuff"!

Overall, this Christmas season has been filled with thanksgiving, joy and a greater understanding that we are called to help those in this world who are less fortunate. It is so wonderful to be blessed with our Wii; however, there are so many people in this world who don't even know where the next meal will come from. I'm trying to keep the girls' perspectives and priorities in order without making them feel guilty for enjoying what we is a delicate balance I must admit.

I do have to take this opportunity to acknowledge how amazing our Savior thank Him for laying down His life and loving me at my worst. Life apart from Him really isn't life at all.

So, God bless you and I pray for His joy to be in you and for your faith in Him to multiply in the coming year.

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