Thursday, December 18, 2008

What Can I Give a King?

* My cards are mailed (most of them).

* My gifts are bought. Many wrapped and all the out-of-town ones shipped today.

* The cookies, truffles, Yule Log and toffee are in their air tight containers waiting to be delivered to co-workers, coaches and teachers.

* Tomorrow I turn in my Angel Tree gifts and Saturday we bless a single mom and her kids with a slew of gifts some friends and I gathered in lieu of our own gift exchange (the highlight of our Christmas this year).

* My house is (reasonably) clean and decorated.

Yet, I sit here and know there is still something more I need to do. What gift will I give to Jesus this year?

What can I give Him? What do I offer up to the One who gave it ALL? Can I follow through with the desires of my heart to worship Him in all that I do, only to fall short and miss the mark?

Lately, I am so very much aware of my inequity and my NEED for a Savior. Grateful doesn't begin to cover how I feel. It is in that moment I decide what to give Jesus in celebration of His birth and in response to His extravagant love for us. I want to carry His fragrance with me. Like a refreshing perfume. I want to be an overflow of Him...a, I can give Him away to others.

That's the gift that keeps on giving....

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Beautiful Grace said...

When we use the gifts He has given us to glorify Him, I believe it is like giving Him gifts.

You do have a strong warrior spirit and using that as you do, gives a gift to Jesus.

Bless you, Dear!

Merry Christmas!!!