Thursday, December 11, 2008

Super Mommy or Idiot?

You be the judge.

I'm still here, peeps! I have approximately 1 minute, 37 seconds that I can devote to a post or I will never get my projects finished tonight.

Today was my day off from work and I shopped and took GAS to get her hair done. First thing this morning I trayed up snacks for the teachers at school for our Moms In Touch group because "don't worry ladies, I'm off work on Thursday so I can do it".

Except that #1 missed her bus. Yup. Not the best of days for that to happen, but her bus driver usually has a 10-minute window and apparently, she didn't hit her snooze button this morning.

No problem, with visions of cheddar and ring bologna dancing through my head, we dashed away, dashed away....ok, I'll stop that. To avenge the fact #1 missed the bus, I then felt it was necessary to verbally express all the things I needed to do today, this weekend, and basically until Christmas morning. #1's eyes rolled back in her head a few times, but at the end she simply said, "it's okay because you are Super Mommy".

[Smile] heart went pitter-pat. Super Mommy, huh? I like that.

My co-workers? No, they think I'm completely OUT OF MY MIND. But, I think they're just jealous. They wish they had an entire class of 3rd graders coming to their house to decorate several hundred cookies on Sunday, after being gone all weekend at retreats, and parties. Then, when the third graders go home they can make soup for the middle school Teacher Appreciation Lunch for delivery the next morning before work. Soup, not soda or paper products. No, the non-Super Mommies (you know, the ones with their brains still intact) signed up to bring those items.

Yup. They're jealous alright.

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Natalie said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are a different kind of crazy.