Friday, October 9, 2009

Don't Just Tell Me, Show Me

I was reading a book last night and because of the story line I ended up meditating on how precious and unpredictable life is. When I start to fret over the little unimportant things it really takes my focus off of Christ and Him at work in my life. At any time a phone call can change our lives and we need to know we have a God who we can trust, even in the storms.

I believe that life is so much more than just "surviving the day"; however, I can treat my days like that when I don't spend time seeking after God. Our days should be filled with compassion, courage and making the most of every opportunity to encourage people. This is something I have been struggling to communicate to one of our kids lately. To convince her that she needs to not just say she loves us, but demonstrate her love for us. I think we can all be guilty of that. Especially in a relationship with Jesus when we present our "wish lists" to Him day after day (we call it prayer) but we don't honor Him in our relationships or activities. It's our choice and God is not an arm twister. And, I told my sweet daughter that, too. Don't try to fake it and humor me...I want to see an honest attempt and prayerful pursuit of a deep love that can be demonstrated outwardly.

And, I'm pretty sure God wants that from me, His daughter, as well.....

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