Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm Not Signing Up for a Triathalon or Anything.....

....but tonight during soccer practice I "ran" for the first time since the May Day Dash and it felt pretty good. According to #3 though she said I didn't really "run", I "jogged" and that is not running. I wonder what she would say if she had seen me crawling, I mean walking, on the back half of the trail.

I figured since it had been ....ah-hem....279 days since Big Mama got on the Wii Fit it may be time for a little exercise to prepare for our PX90 that still has not arrived on our doorstop to date. I'm not sure a person of my....ah-hem.....stature could survive going from zero exercise to the PX90 workout. So, a little walking, running and Wii Fit have become a part of my life again in very limited quantities!

The point of all this is that it has felt REALLY good to exercise again! Did I just type that? Seriously, I don't know how hard core I'm going to get with the PX90, but I feel like I'm more prepared for the challenge and it is going to feel good to just get my blood pumping on a daily basis. And, if I lose 25 pounds in the process that will be nice, too!

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Beautiful Grace said...

oH mY wORD! Fire wanted to set up an obstacle/fitness course in our back yard a few weeks ago. He was doing thing like forward and backward flips. I said, "I can't do those but I can do cartwheels." I proceeded to attempt a cartwheel and crumpled onto a ball. I couldn't even hold my body weight, plus I felt a severe fire pulling pain in the back of my leg. I limped around for a few days after that and then when shaving my legs saw a black bruise in the area of pain. I self-diagnosed myself to have a partial muscle tear. That'll teach me to try something like that randomly with warm up at my advanced age. :0