Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Think Noah was Playing Goalie

I know I can get carried away with my stories, but I'm not joking when I say I experienced watching my first soccer game in the middle of a CATEGORY. SEVENTY-SEVEN. HURRICANE.


It had been cloudy all morning as we prepared to leave for #3's soccer game. By the time we got in the car for the 35-minute drive, I was pretty sure that we might get a little drizzle so I packed #2 and #3 some extra clothes and an umbrella. We arrived at the field and as the girls warmed up I felt a raindrop or two, but when the whistle blew to start the game it was like a scene from some slapstick cheesy comedy where the sky lets loose and a downpour drenches us all. I huddled under my umbrella (#2 had volunteered to be line judge and since she was on codeine for her teeth I'm not sure if she even noticed it was raining). Then, these gusts of wind started to flip up my umbrella. I was already soaked because no umbrella could have kept anyone dry in a rainstorm like this one. Then, the cheap Boscov's umbrella broke. I looked at the mom sitting next to me and we just laughed. I guess it could've been worse....I could've been #3's teammate who made a run towards the goal only to be tripped and belly flop into a 3-inch deep mud puddle.

They called the game 15 minutes early because no one could actually kick the ball anymore unless they lobbed it up in the no longer rolled. #3 decided it looked like fun to slide across the muddy field on her belly before we left. I now have her uniform in the washing machine on the 13-hour stain cycle to try and get all the mud out of what used to be white socks.

I'm going to be thrilled when our indoor soccer season starts.

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Trish said...

I think that's a Christmas card photo right there!