Saturday, October 31, 2009

She's My Hero

I had to take a minute to post over the weekend (gasp!) because my precious daughter did something that completely inspired me today.

Today #2 had the opportunity to score her fifth goal of this morning's girls U10 soccer game after a breakaway down the field (which by the way she gets her amazing athletic ability from her mother. Or, not). She had a clear open shot and drew her foot back to boot it in when out of the corner of her eye she saw another teammate. In a split second decision she passed the ball to her teammate and yelled for her to take the shot. It went in and I just stood there watching this whole scene play out in front of me like some Disney movie (I expected Air Bud to come flying down the hill). Afterwards, I asked her why she didn't take that last shot and she explained to me very matter-of-fact:

"It was our last game of the season and "Susie" didn't get to score any goals so I wanted her to finish the season and be able to say she got a goal".

I'm just glad she was riding behind me so she couldn't see the tears well up in my eyes. Many parents would be proud to have an athletic child who scored four goals. However, I was proud beyond words to have a child who demonstrated the love and compassion of Christ on a soccer field this morning.

And, her madd soccer skillzz are pretty sa-weet, too!!