Monday, November 9, 2009

The Letter

I'm having a difficult time with the annual letter that accompanies our Christmas card this year. I just don't want to send out something that sounds so braggy and WOW! Don't you wish your family was more like mine?? But on the other hand, it has been a wonderful year filled with new experiences that the far off people in our lives should hear me rattle on about. Right? I'm sitting here pondering all the Christmas letters I've received over the years and am trying to figure out which ones I like to read. That doesn't help much because I really like to read all of them (although I usually have to give The Husband a Cliff Notes condensed summary of the letter if it consists of more than a half page).

Last year I tried to get out of writing "The Letter", but then #1 and The Husband did it and I of course, had to polish it up a bit (being the grammar freak that I am....ok, not really, I just wanted tell my side of the stories). I just hate when it ends up sounding like a family favorite letter was the year I wrote it from Kaleigh's perspective when she was 6 weeks old, but I'm all out of clever ideas now. That happens. I think it is The Dog's fault.

Since old habits are hard to break, I will sit down at some point and try to summarize in 12,302 words how our year went. I think sometimes I do it for myself more than anyone else. It helps me to look back and remember God's many blessings while at the same time feeling invigorated that we are so close to turning over to a new year, a fresh start, new beginnings and exciting adventures (I'm going to break out in song at any moment, so just be glad you aren't sitting next to me).

I'm toying with writing it as a rap, a poem or maybe in pirate....I'm open to your clever ideas...anyone?

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Trish said...

Maybe each of the girls could contribute a short paragraph about one of their favorite things this year. That way it could really be a family letter. :)