Monday, November 16, 2009

Will Pray for Food

Ok, so this will probably mean more to me than to some of you because of the season I happen to be in right now.

There, that's my disclaimer.

I left for work this morning and forgot my lunch. No big deal. But, I didn't want to take time away from work to go spend money on lunch so I prayed a simple prayer as I was driving.

God, please provide me with a free lunch today.

I actually kind of laughed at myself. I had never prayed that before! Who was going to give me a free lunch today? Would it drop into my cubicle like manna at noon? But, I felt this faith rise up in me...and trust me, my faith is being tested in believing God for big and crazy sounding things. More on that later....

I arrived at work and saw that I had a packet of oatmeal in my desk drawer. God provided my lunch! I must be honest, oatmeal wasn't exactly what I had in mind. However, I was grateful that I had something to tide me over since I didn't have a dime on me to go downstairs and even snack from the vending machines.

A little while later, my neighboring co-worker said that some friends were taking her out to lunch for her birthday (even though her birthday isn't until Friday). As I asked where she was going I already knew the answer.

I knew the answer because I realized in that moment that I had forgotten about a gift card I had won to a local restaurant in an office raffle like six months ago.

Sure enough out of all the places she could go, that was the one she was going to. She even had a menu in her desk so I could order exactly what I wanted.

So, God being the over the top God that He is, provided a gourmet spicy shrimp pizza to my desk for lunch with enough left over to eat tomorrow and maybe even the next day! It really was no longer about lunch anymore for me.

He demonstrated His extravagant love to me in that gesture. And, as I've been sitting here these last few months daring to dream of things that seem so out of reach, He showed me that it just takes a little bit of faith for Him to move pizzas....I mean mountains!


After His heart said...

He is so good!! Thank you, Father, for allowing your goodness to pass by!!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!