Thursday, November 5, 2009

So You Wanna Be a Rock Star?

That's a Third Day song by the way.

We had quite the ummm, more like fabric painting, balloon popping, wildly dancing, jumping on my couch CHAOS the other night when we surprised #3 with a Rock Star birthday party. Here is the highlight reel:

The Husband took her out to the park while I decorated and made chicken nuggets and pizza. In the meantime, 13 of her closest friends showed up and began to bounce off my walls waiting for her and #2 to get there. They painted "rock stars" with rocks; however, they seemed much more interested in popping the balloons, at least the boys did.

The girls just stood there watching the boys pop the balloons and occasionally let out a nervous giggle.

Then, The Husband arrived with the guest of honor and she was so was quite funny! We scared her so badly she almost started to cry. We then painted t-shirts (for which I'm unsure if The Husband will ever forgive me for) and made foam signs with their names on them. They put tattoos on and ate. Then, I still had an hour left. I'm not kidding!! All together with #2 and #3 there were 15 kids and the majority of the male species in attendance just seemed intent on DESTROYING MY HOUSE.

So, being quick on my feet I:

1. made The Husband leave to go pick up #1 so he did not witness the destruction of our white couch by some little boy whose parents brought him with black & white face paint ALL over his face. I'm not sure if they thought it was a Halloween party or if he was supposed to be Gene Simmons from KISS.

2. played a CD and did freeze dancing (the video above demonstrates that).

3. put in a High School Musical game CD that tells them to "play the air guitar to the next song" or finish the next line in this song, etc...

4. opened presents and ate cake.

5. let #2 take over and have a 'Talent Show". By that time I had no feeling left in my brain and I just sort of made sure no one was hurting each other or escaping the house.

The most important part is that #3 had a great time! She thanked me over and over and said it was the best party ever. In fact, she asked me to do another surprise party this weekend for her "real" birthday.

Haha. No.


Jenne said...

Wow! Will you be my mom for a day?

Emily said...

You are an awesome mom!