Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Drama

...but it's good drama!! HONK Jr. opens Friday and two of my amazingly, talented children are performing in this production! It is the charming story of the "ugly" duckling turning into a "beautiful"'ll laugh. You'll cry. You'll probably ask the person sitting next to you 'What did he/she say?" unless some of these kids start using their stage voices.....but, I digress, I'm merely a parent/backstage helper and will have to keep my "director hat" in the closet for this least they have microphones. To my sheer delight, #1 sings a solo that gives me goosebumps when I hear it (in my humble opinion). Both girls also do a fantastic job in their dance ensembles! I enjoy watching them on stage so much, it never gets old!

Here is a little peek of them at last night's dress rehearsal.....

Tickets are still available for some of the shows. Click here for more info!

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