Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Confessions of an (Almost) Retired PTO President

I'll try not to bore you with the flashbacks of attending my first PTO meeting at our elementary school worried I was about to be shunned by the desperate housewives that run PTOs (and, how very wrong I was about that). Or, I will not carry on with any of the accomplishments and drama that kept my heart racing and added to my gray hair collection. No, after presiding over tonight's final meeting and the election of the new officers for next year, I find myself in a place somewhere between relief and uncertainty. Did I do enough? Where do I go from here?

Tonight's meeting was a moment that will stay frozen in my memory. When you invest in something, you realize how much it costs when it is time to give it away. And, you don't want to give it away to just any person. I was relieved to hand off the baton to a couple of wonderful people who are extremely qualified as leaders and human beings for the task at hand. While I am excited for what my future holds (because God doesn't finish one chapter without writing another one, right?), there is a part of me that feels sad as this season comes to an end.

However, these deep, bittersweet thoughts pretty much end here. In the next few weeks, I will be ready to celebrate retirement, take my pats on the back, support the new leaders, and move on to the next leg of my journey (which for the summer translates to reading a good book by the pool!). 

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Classic MaMa said...

You are wonderful. :)

This posts reminds me of the night we had last night at MIA: the baton being passed. Perhaps you and Nicole can both relax together. :)