Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wolves and Waves and Bears...Oh My!

Our fam headed up to The Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos for a lovely overnight stay this past Sunday. The Husband was supposed to drive a stock car in the morning, but it was rescheduled due to the rain. We did not have to pay for our hotel because the Pocono Racing Experience people messed up The Husband's surprise and sent him a confirmation in his name even though I asked them 7.3 billion times not to do that. Because they goofed up, they picked up the tab for a family suite at this amazing resort with an indoor water park. I thought I would share the highlights:

• We arrived there at 1pm and although our room was not ready, we were given our wristbands for the water park. The wristbands also served as our room keys and we would receive a text when our room was ready. Despite it feeling so Big Brother-ish I liked the convenience of this set up. If you lose a wristband, though, plan to pay $40 for a replacement. I surgically attached them to the children.

• We got our text that the room was ready after an hour and a half in their fabulous water park. As I was waiting in line to check in, there was a couple ahead of me. The woman was squirting hand sanitizer all over her hands, then she put it on her husband, who licked his hand. Twice. Then, she squirted more into his hands until it was dripping on the floor. I couldn't keep my eyes off them and I really couldn't wait to tell the blogosphere about the germ-a-phobes at the front desk. It made the wait pass quicker to watch them. I think once they got to their room they probably bathed in it.

• We stayed in The Wolf Den. This was a “suite” with a queen size bed, a pull out couch and then off in the corner partitioned from everything else was the "den", which contained bunk beds and a TV. Need I say more? It was a huge hit for #2 and #3.

• For all the money we saved not paying for our room and entry in the water park, we dropped it on the dinner buffet that night. Ouch. It's a good thing I ate my weight in shrimp and tomato mozzarella salad.

• If you over the age of 18, plan to be sore the next day. It takes muscles you don't normally use to hoist yourself repeatedly into an inner tube. Especially when your husband and youngest daughter find it amusing to dump you out of the inner tube while you are trying to relax in the wave pool. The ropes and floating lily pads kicked my butt, too.

We can't wait to go back! #3 sobbed as we were leaving. She asked if we could move there! I, on the other hand, limped out sore and overly chlorinated, but with a relaxed smile on my face!

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