Friday, May 14, 2010

Sleepless in PA

Just ate a cupcake and now I'm too sugared up to go to sleep.

Just watching Lee & Crystal sing Falling Slowly for the eight billionth time on YouTube.

Everytime I watch Lee & Crystal I wonder why I can't sing like that and be on a stage with pretty pink and purple lights shining on me.

That thought leaves me wondering what exactly I am going to do when I grow up since I'm too old, and I have no musical ability for American Idol.

Listened to the space shuttle launch today and wondered if I would make a good astronaut.

Wondering when, if ever, I am going to hear back from the magazine editors I sent a few stories and ideas to.

Wondering what exactly is Spam.

Slightly worried I am going to lead a boring life.

Forgot how chubby my arms look in short-sleeved shirts.

Wanting to sign up for Zumba classes.

Maybe I'll eat another cupcake.

It has been at least three minutes since I listened to Lee & Crystal sing Falling Slowly.

Guinea pigs are nocturnal.

Guinea pigs poop a lot.

Every animal in our house would have starved to death by now if I didn't live here.

Can't wait to see the new Shrek movie.

It's probably too late to bake brownies.

There is way too much gray in my hair.

I'm close to abandoning my book project for a decade or two.

Whew. Now, I'm tired.

1 comment:

MaggieK said...

I made cupcakes tonight too - pineapple ones for my older guys sponge bob party tomorrow.

I have to say - I had to try them too