Monday, May 10, 2010

Hoping to be Published Sometime Before My AARP Membership Arrives in the Mail

We interrupt the thought process of starting a writing project (haha, that's me trying not to say the words "writing a book") for some bloggy time.  Every time I sit down to work on the "writing project" I get so distracted!  At the rate I am progressing I will have my grandchildren's names included in the dedication section....but, anyways.....It's just been such a wonderful, yet jam packed last few weeks.  Our wonderful friend "Peter" (names have been changed to protect the innocent, haha!) married an amazing woman on Saturday and after celebrating their special day, I got to celebrate Mother's Day Sunday at Hersheypark with my mom, GAS, my brother, sister-in-law and of course, The Husband and girls. 

I have bunches more wedding pictures, but they are somewhere on #1's camera which is MIA at the moment.  Here are just a few from the weekend:

#2 caught the bouquet! 

Mother's Day:

At the end of this ride my mom just said quietly, " I think I just died."

I was driving the antique cars and we were all acting like I was driving across town late for soccer practice!


We joked that GAS looked like a Russian spy in her hoodie and glasses!



Tiffany said...

Your mom as the Russian spy about made me wet myself. Along with all the other photos and commentary...but that one...still has me laughing as I type. As soon as I publish this comment, I'm going to treat myself to looking at that picture again. You crack me up. Now, go write your book!

Tiffany said...

Or is that your grandma? I'm confused. I need to get more coffee. Who's who? Because I just noticed a much younger lady in a photo too on the re-look.

Melissa said...

Yes, GAS is my 88-year old grandma! She is the little white-haired lady in the sunglasses who we took on the Trailblazer, where she yelled: My hip! My hip! So, my brother and I yelled that on all the rides we went on the rest of the day! :)