Friday, May 21, 2010

Where the Wild Squirrels Are

Yesterday, I spent thirteen hours on a field trip to Philadelphia with #2 and her fourth grade class. It was a walking tour and extremely educational (to the point of being exhausted trying to explain to #2 the difference between a democracy and a democrat, she kept saying "I don't get it"). In addition, I might add, a little nerve racking to keep my eye on five little girls as we navigated the streets of the historical district. The highlights of the trip were the friendly/rabid squirrel that would not leave us alone while eating lunch and on the way home, we stopped at Shady Maple (which had so much food I was sad I couldn’t possibly try all of it).

The girls were looking for the squirrel after we shooed it away and it started to come back again....this is #2's "scary squirrel is stalking us" face.

You see, the squirrel was smart...the boys ate their lunch wayyyy across the field and would've thrown rocks or Skittles at the squirrel instead of just screaming at it like the girls did.

Okay, here are some actual Philadelphia-related pics:

We found out that after we left, they closed down the Liberty Bell section of Independence Mall due to a bomb threat when a package of unidentified white powder was found. I am grateful we didn't get to experience an evacuation, or worse.

Fireman's Hall...I was glued to the 911 exhibit, remembering that day in detail and the kids had some fun pretending to be firemen and firewomen.

Betsy Ross House

Christ Church...#2 is standing in front of a 600-year old baptismal brought over from England by Wlliam Penn's family.  The kids we fascinated that people's graves were right there in the church's floor.

I think this is on our way to Franklin Court...the older people you see behind them had yelled at them and pushed them out of their way at the Liberty Bell! Yay for grumpy old folks!

Statue Room at Constitution Center

Stuffed full leaving Shady Maple (I was lucky to be on the bus that no one threw up in, the other chaperones on bus #1 were not so lucky.)

It was exhausting, but I totally enjoy hanging out with my kiddos and their friends. It also happened to be a gorgeous day outside so that made the day even better!

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(squeal) History! How fun. :) (clap. clap)