Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who Showed Up Forty-Five Minutes Late to Her First Class?

I did! I did!

Yes, the drive that should have been fifteen minutes took me an hour and fifteen! Every move I made to an alternate route resulted in traffic from an accident or construction. I was close to turning around to go eat ice cream and play Uno at home and forget this whole crazy college thing. Thankfully for me, The Husband was on the phone being thankful that I wasn't the one in any accidents. After I realized I would be more then fifteen minutes late, the stress left me. Whether you walk in twenty or forty minutes late, the rest of the class is going to look at you like "What's your problem getting here on time, Loser? There are only three classes to attend and the rest are online". Well, that's sort of what I imagined they would say.

Upon arriving, I tried to park in the lot that was full. I didn't want to park in the parking garage and come out at night. So, I parked down the street in a residential area. I heard some kid yell, "Hey, who is that parked in front of our house?". I scanned the area to make sure I was not in some kind of NO MINI-VAN PARKING THURSDAY EVENINGS FROM 6-10PM spot. I appeared to be okay parking there, although in the back of my mind, I thought it would have gone well with the theme of my night if I came out to a towed vehicle.  Just something more fun to blog about, right??!!

I jogged (not a pretty sight in flip flops with my purse and school bag) over to what I thought was the right building.  When I had met with my admissions coordinator, she explained that most of my classes would be in the same building we had our meeting. I headed in that direction and when I walked in, I noticed that the name of the building didn't match the name on my schedule. It had one of those "You are here" maps and I had to turn my body sideways to face the direction to know which way to walk. Me going to the wrong building and parking in the wrong place when I am already late is completely in character for me. Had I made it to the correct location on time I would have wondered if I had some kind of alien body invasion.

I arrived at the CORRECT building (thankfully) and bolted up the stairs. At the top, I realized I had gone up one floor too many so I went back down, huffing and puffing. I walked in the class with my head down mumbling about traffic and then realized something. I felt like I was going to pass out from my dash up the stairs after a 75-minute commute all jacked up on 44-ounces of caffeine filled Diet Coke and a frozen coffee drink. I firmly decided I was already too embarrassed to allow myself to pass out, so I began shallow breathing, as subtle as I could until the black spots went away.

The class was a typical intro to "all the insane amount of work you'll have to do in a ridiculously small amount of time" kind of class. On the break, those 44-ounces of Diet Coke were begging to be released, but the ladies room was down on the first floor. I tried a different stairwell this time. The one for the Oompa Loompas. I'm not kidding, it was the width of my hips. If I eat too much over Thanksgiving break, they will have to call 911 to get me out of there. When I came back up the Oompa Loompa stairs, I made sure I stopped at the second floor.

Oh, and by the left brain and right brain scored exactly the same amount on the dominant brain test, so I found out tonight I am middle brained. That may explain a lot.....


Anonymous said...

I used to be much more right-brained, but the last time I checked, I'm closer to the middle. Glad your made it to your class.

Beautiful Grace said...
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