Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who, What, When, How and Why

What:  Honor: Pass It On, one of the top four finalists in Hannity.com's Great American Video Contest.  Please vote once a day here.  Over 400 videos were submitted and we are so excited that it made the final four!

Who:  Produced, directed and filmed by the talented Brandon H.. Hundreds of people who pray for him and believe in him also played a small role!

Why:  To honor the great men and women who have served in the military and to win a Jeep Grand Cherokee for Brandon!

When: Vote once a day now through August 5th from every computer you have, your family has, go use your neighbor's computer, your smart phone, the computers at the library and ask everyone with their laptops at Starbucks to vote, too!

How: This is the cool part...filming with Brandon is like being a part of some bigger picture.  God kicks up the wind to make flags blow and He showers us with peace and grace throughout the process. I'm not sure I ever prayed so hard during a film shoot as I did for Honor: Pass It On (although, I have always prayed like crazy when doing theater...things like, please don't let me fall off the rolling track stage or Lord, don't let me split my dress, etc....).  I believed even as we filmed this video that it would win.  I am definitely patriotic and the idea of this one-minute film touched me and broke my heart all at the same time.  Why not shake a hand and/or triumphantly welcome our military servicemen and women home?  I am inspired and I hope you are, too! By the way, each of those men portrayed in this video actually served in that branch of the military....true heros, all three of them (including my adorable husband I'm seen smooching with at the end).

As you watch it, please say a prayer for those serving overseas and for their families who anxiously await their return.

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