Thursday, December 20, 2007

All I Want For Christmas

After some serious thought of what I want for Christmas this year it finally hit me! I want the mind of Christ! And, maybe a smaller dog. I know the dog thing isn't gonna happen, but how about the mind of Christ? Sometimes I wish those types of things could be purchased, placed in a box and wrapped up with a pretty ribbon. Then, we can say "I got joy for Christmas, just what I wanted!" or "Look! I got humility.....I really needed that!".

Lately, I've gone back and forth from feeling pretty icky in a spiritual sense to flying high with the knowing that I'm obeying what God is telling me to do. The "icky" part comes when I start doing things for my own recognition, admiration and praise. The "flying high" part comes when I do things that honor and glorify and point others to Christ. Sometimes it is almost like I'm driving down the road and all of a sudden I find myself drifting over the yellow line and I better make a quick adjustment before someone gets hurt.

If only the mind of Christ were under my tree right now, waiting for me to unwrap and use it everyday! How glorious! But, then again, if it were that easy, would I place it on the same forgotten shelf as my vacuum sealer I got for Christmas a few years back that has lost its appeal? Hmmmmm.....

I do know that God is stirring something up in change this world around us for His Kingdom. I truly want that to be my focus and when it is, my heart is soft. I was prayed for the other day in a prayer tunnel at our church and the one thing that stood out was someone said, "she has compassion, now give her PASSION".

Now, that is a gift I'm ready to receive!!!!!!!

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Classic MaMa said...

I agree, that's what I want for Christmas, too. Great idea!